Board of Directors

CARTM draws volunteers from a wide variety of disciplines to its Board of Directors. Although the board is responsible for the governance and policy-making of the organization, its most important contributions are visioning and holding the culture of CARTM. Board members support CARTM’s mission monetarily, and each volunteers time in at least one other capacity. Our directors serve a three-year term.

Meet our Board

Linda Kozlowski, Chair • Linda is newly retired as managing partner in a Portland based, nationally recognized executive search & HR consulting firm.  A committed community organizer, Linda is an elected member of the Manzanita City Council, directs the Emergency Management Division of Manzanita’s Public Safety department, is founding member and President of the Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corps, serves on the Board & Executive Committee of the American Red Cross and was a founding member of the Manzanita Business Alliance. Linda is an exemplary member of the Tillamook County Solid Waste Advisory Committee.  Her commitment to recycling is a life long passion.  She was drawn to CARTM because of its dedication to the community, its vision and mission, and its amazing staff. Linda says, “CARTM is the pride of our region and clearly stands for many of the values we as a community hold so dear.”  Elected to the board in 2010, she holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Colorado. She serves on the board’s standing executive and fundraising committees.  Linda lives in Manzanita.

Susan Walsh, Vice-Chair •  Susan is a graphic artist with a fine arts background. She has a B.A. in art from Knox College (Galesburg, Illinois). Susan shows her art regionally and is currently working on printmaking, wood sculpture and sign design from her studio in Nehalem. Susan originally served on CARTM’s founding board in the 1990s. Her current board term began in 2007, and she is the past vice chair. Susan has volunteered for CARTM in many capacities, including directing the Trash Art Show for many years. She lives in Nehalem.

Rob Borgford, Secretary • Rob has recently “mostly” retired as a partner in a west coast manufacturers’ representative firm, a sales organization for manufacturers of industrial components.  The company markets and sells energy efficient parts for solving industry problems, specifically super-precision bearings, gearboxes and solutions that help make U.S. manufacturers more competitive in the world marketplace.  He is interested in energy conservation, best usage practices and innovation in manufacturing and housing to achieve maximum energy savings. CARTM’s  philosophy, practical solutions to recycling and innovative ways of forwarding its mission has always been of great interest to him.  He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in the biological sciences, and is a Navy veteran.  Rob and his wife, Sharon have lived in  Manzanita part-time for five years, and are looking forward to living locally full-time by 2015.

Michael Maginnis, Treasurer • Michael retired in 2008 from a career in wood products.  He has a BS degree from the University of Oregon.  Among other current activities, Michael volunteers at the Lower Nehalem Community Trust, helping with irrigation at the Trust’s Alder Creek Farm.  Recently while visiting a friend the following exchange inspired him:  Michael:  “Where’s the garbage?”  Friend:  “I don’t really have a garbage.”   This thought-provoking response conveyed a spirit of simple dedication to the CARTM mission.  Michael joined the CARTM board shortly thereafter, in 2013.  A native Oregonian, Michael now lives in Neahkahnie.

Betsy Chase • Betsy has been drawn to the wild and wonderful Oregon Coast since first visiting the state in 2003 and is now ‘living the dream’ since moving to Wheeler in 2013 with her husband, Paul Knight.  Betsy has an MA in Community Education from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.  Her experience in government and education includes working with a cross-section of school employees to start a district-wide recycling program and eventually embed the 3R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) in the K-12 science curriculum.  Betsy believes in the power of ‘systems thinking’—understanding how parts of a system interact—to solve complex challenges and make smarter decisions.  Betsy is inspired to work toward CARTM’s ambitious Mission: Leading our Community to Zero Waste!

Bryan Pohl • Bryan moved to Oregon from Indiana, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civic Leadership from Indiana University.  Since beginning his professional career, he has worked in all levels of city and county government in planning and zoning. Currently he serves as the Director of Community Development for Tillamook County.  After first visiting CARTM in December, 2013, Bryan found that the creative spirit and the dedication of staff and the board to CARTM’s mission were a perfect fit for his volunteer efforts.  A native New Mexican, Bryan now lives in Bayside Gardens.

Jenny Greenleaf  •  Jenny migrated to Oregon from North Dakota to attend the University of Oregon in 1974. After receiving a BA in Journalism, she worked as a technical writer and editor, primarily in the computer and civil engineering arenas, all in Oregon with the exception of a 7-year stint in Silicon Valley. Jenny attributes her interest in environmental affairs to her college exposure to the beauty of Oregon and the activism of its citizens. She also learned about landfills and the problems of disposing of all types of waste while working on civil engineering projects. After retiring to Manzanita in 2015, Jenny wandered over to CARTM looking for a volunteer job and took over managing linens and textiles in the Donation Center. Jenny has served on several professional, community, and political boards, including the Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon, the Democratic National Committee, and the Oregon Commission for Women. Our newest board member, Jenny joined in August 2016.

Tim Garvin •

Wendy Ryan  • The fantastic and beautiful Oregon coast first drew Wendy and her husband, Thomas, to the area as visitors, but it is the active and involved community that finalized the move to Manzanita. Arriving from Nebraska in 2014, Wendy knew she also wanted to become an involved citizen, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. Having recently completed her BS in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Event Planning from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her many years of accounting experience, she knew her skills could be valuable. After being asked to help with the 4th annual Trashion Show and Upcycle party, she realized she had found a home. For Wendy, CARTM embodies many of the ideals she holds dear, most specifically, care of the environment and community building. We were thrilled when she joined the board in January 2016.


Mark Beach, Chair Emeritus 
 Mark has volunteered for CARTM since 1992. Elected to the CARTM board in 2005, he served as chair from 2006-2010. Although he is no longer an active member of the board, Mark offers guidance and research support to the board. Mark holds a Ph.D. in history and taught a several universities in the eastern United States. Before retiring from his second career he was a technical writer in the graphic arts industry. Mark has also served on the boards of the Rinehart Clinic and Manzanita Library and on advisory committees for Oregon State Parks, North County Recreation District and Tillamook State Forest. He continues his interest in history by teaching and maintaining a website about the Nehalem bay area. Mark lives in Neahkahnie.