CARTM waste audit

Community Initiatives

Microplastics on the Beach

Board Member Wendy Ryan and her son filtering microplastics

Board Member Wendy Ryan and her son filtering microplastics

There is a tremendous amount of plastic floating just below the surface of the ocean. It washes in with the tide, particularly during storms. These small, colorful bits of plastic are breaking down due to exposure to the sun, and become toxic. How many weenies & marshmallows are roasted in bonfires built on top of plastic particles? CARTM partners with Tillamook County Solid Waste and community members to remove microplastics from our beaches, using a screening technique. Events are held annually in the spring. The screens are also available to persons interested in cleaning a little bit of paradise. Contact Karen for more information.

 Don’t just clean it up — Recycle it!!!

CARTM recycling station at the SOLVE beach clean up

Say hello to staff at the CARTM recycling station at the annual SOLVE beach clean up

CARTM partners with SOLVE, and in addition, every other year with the Tillamook Estuary Partnership to clean up the beaches and the bay. Volunteers pick up marine debris keeping our community clean and healthy. CARTM provides a recycling expert, sort containers, and transportation so that most of the material is recycled!

Tsunami Debris Response:

The 2011 Tsunami in Japan resulted in an unprecedented amount of marine debris headed for Oregon beaches. In effort to encourage volunteers and the general public to help with the clean up, CARTM provides educational material, official collection bags and accepts marine debris all at no charge to the public. Federal, State, and local organizations, including CARTM and the Oregon Marine Debris Team ((SOLVE, Surfrider Foundation, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, Oregon Sea Grant and Washed Ashore) have joined forces to increase efforts to clean up our beaches all along the coast.

Community Waste Audit:

Fall 2012 CARTM performed both an internal and community waste audit to gather information to better serve our community. Staff and volunteers sorted, and weighed every tiny little bit of trash in a 40 yard dumpster….that’s 17,200 pounds of trash!!! The resulting information will help guide CARTM in leading our community to zero waste in the coming year.

Education… here, there and everywhere:

Students from local Fire Mt. School tour CARTM and learn about re-thinking waste.

Students from local Fire Mt. School tour CARTM and learn about re-thinking waste.

CARTM provides on-site educational tours for children and adults; notably we will be hosting the Oregon Association of Recyclers in June 2013. We also provide public speakers to local organizations and offsite educational programs for school age children, notably the annual Clean Water Festival. But outreach and education happens every day at CARTM, with every transaction. As our dedicated staff actively diverts material from the waste stream, they teach people how to recycle and reduce waste. CARTM is also a community hub; neighbors congregate, model, and reinforce zero waste practices.