CARTM_staffpeopleOur friendly staff is ready, able, and happy to help!

Look for the high-visibility vest and tell them you much you appreciate them! Working at CARTM is challenging, fun and never, ever, boring. Our excellent employees provide customer service, operate heavy equipment, calculate fees, monitor and service the recycling line, run the cash register, sort, clean and price donated items, and make 1000 lb. bales of everything from tin cans to lawn chairs. We are so very proud of our staff! Read more to meet them!

Look for our helpful staff in the high-visibility vests.  We welcome your questions and feedback.

Rolly Boggs • Operations Manager • Rolly joined our team in 2011. He is a steady, solid worker who keeps us laughing with his witty comments. Rolly has an 18-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. He and his son are Pittsburg Penguin fans. Rolly is also an avid fan of the Chicago Bears and the Portland Winterhawks.  He is an artist; especially enjoys painting acrylic on canvas; and loves almost any kind of music.

Austen Steinbach 
• Austen is native to the area, a graduate of Nehalem Elementary and Neah-Kah-Nie High School. The daily variety is what Austen likes best about working at CARTM. There’s always someone or  something new, and he never knows what he will find in construction debris!  In his quiet time, Austen writes stories and plays music – as he says, “I pretend to play guitar – I’m not Eric Clapton.” I’m sure he’s more than that to his wife and two children. We at CARTM are lucky to have him.

Dave Steinert
 • It hasn’t happened yet—no one on staff has ever seen Dave without a smile on his face and a good word to say! You would never know that Dave worked in the utility industry for years and that his knowledge of retailing and collectibles is ‘just’ an avocation! Early in his 35-year marriage, Dave suffered a serendipitous accident that allowed him to stay home with his wife and young children. They spent a year entertaining themselves by going to estate and garage sales, which began a lifelong shared passion as “junkers.”  When he is not working at CARTM, Dave spends his time with his five grown children and two grandkids—and, of course, his wife. He loves working on his home near Garibaldi, building their shared vision into reality.

Don Amato •
 Don keeps the hardware sorted, priced and stocked in the store. He assists with facility maintenance and sets the bar for clean, organized and “shipshape”. Don has been with CARTM since May 2009. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and retired after 42 years as a locomotive engineer and 37 years in the US Army Guard and Reserve. Don is happily married with 2 grown daughters, and proud of his extensive Italian family. A man of many talents, Don plays clarinet and saxophone in the Portland area, and built his own house in Manzanita. He works two days per week at CARTM and commutes home to Lake Oswego. His co-workers appreciate his unstoppable energy, good natured enthusiasm, big heart, and that he is always smiling. And for Don, we just have to say: “Go Ducks!”

Dwayne Rogers
 • Dwayne is a transplant from Idaho, who absolutely loves living in coastal Oregon. He comes to CARTM with extensive training and knowledge in electronics, computer science and networks. Dwayne worked in the tech industry for over 20 years, and since he left ‘corporate America’ he hasn’t looked back. His best work is being the proud papa of 4 girls and 2 boys. Dwayne and his wife and kids share a happy home in Nehalem.”

Emily Dana • Emily is our ‘go-to’ with questions about recycling and reuse. She spends a lot of her days sorting through myriad bins, barrels and baskets to ensure that each item in them goes to its highest and best use. Emily is a Master Gardener, and works diligently to keep our many garden areas healthy and native. She is also a Master Recycler, volunteering for the Tillamook County Recycling Committee.

Jill Thurston • Jill is our top notch administrative and development assistant. She manages CARTM’s accounting systems and database, and keeps track of one million details daily. Jill has lived in the Nehalem Bay area for over 30 years and first volunteered with CARTM when it was located in trailers behind Manzanita News.

Sunshine Erdman • Our cheerful Refindery cashier, Sunshine brings sunshine to the job of helping people find re-use treasures in our store to take home and enjoy. She keeps the displays fresh and colorful as a great organizer with high standards, and we love how she “fluffs up” the store. In addition, Sunshine is an excellent trainer who brings new employees up to speed in the CARTM way.

Tim Smith
 • Tim is the chair of our safety program, responsible for shipping recyclables, and is certified to decommission refrigerators and freezers. He has been with CARTM since May of 2009. Tim served in the US Navy as a Machinist Mate, and graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Management. He worked in Peoria as a licensed wastewater treatment plant operator for 18 years. Tim has 4 grown children, 6 grandchildren, and one great grandchild. His co-workers affectionately refer to Tim as “Papa Bear”; he is an easy going, dependable and steady character, and the “go-to guy” for answers. He is cheerful, can often be heard singing or whistling, is good with customers and pretty much gets along with everyone. Tim said, “this is the first job I’ve really enjoyed and felt this good about. This is definitely a growing industry. People are bringing their kids and so the kids are growing up more aware than we did.”