Volunteer, Abby Spotskey, boxing up bottles at CARTM Recycling.


Our mighty volunteers are CARTM’s backbone!

We couldn’t do as much as we do without them. Over 100 committed civilians show up — some regularly, some on-call, and some once a year — but show up they do, and they move mountains! Mountains of recyclable cans and bottles, mountains of linens, mountains of books, all in an effort to keep materials moving to where they can be best used and appreciated! CARTM volunteers serve the community approximately 65 hours per week — 260 hours per month — over 3,120 hours last year! We thank each and every one of them for their efforts in leading our community to zero waste.

Volunteer Spotlight:

We like to spotlight a volunteer from time to time who is truly a spectacular volunteer. This one is!

Anne Coopersmith, champion recycler and CARTM volunteer!

Volunteer supreme, Anne Osborn Coopersmith, brings recycling from 3 area post offices to CARTM each week!

Have you ever noticed the all newspapers, catalogues, magazines and junk mail that get tossed in the recycling cans at the Post Offices? Well, every week, since 2002, Anne Osborn Coopersmith has been schlepping those recyclables from all three Post Offices (Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler.) She has picked it all out by hand and transported it to CARTM where she has sorted it — sideways rain or not — for 10 years! In addition to that, she also served as a board member for 2 years, and a cashier in the store for 3 years.  She has sorted, priced, stocked, and created displays for the Holiday, Toys and Kitchen departments of the store. She is a regular special event volunteer. She has distributed flyers for events, helped with a video production, and participated on the strategic planning committee.

Thank you Anne for supporting our mission in so many ways!!! You are truly a spectacular volunteer!

Would you like to volunteer?

We make every effort to match volunteer skills and interests with our needs. We are especially delighted to find committed, regular volunteers to work weekly in key positions. Those jobs include such jobs as store cashier, store department champions, office and maintenance people. We are also happy to accommodate those who are not able to make a regular commitment, with a wide variety of special project jobs (again, based on skills and interests), or “drop in” jobs, from sorting recyclables to testing appliances.

If you are interested in volunteering for CARTM, contact us at 503-368-7764 or email us at ed@cartm.org or just drop by the Refindery store and ask the cashier for an application.