We take over 40 different items: just ask one of our amazing staff members — they will be happy to help you!

The Materials We Take section of the site includes photos and descriptions for the many items we recycle, and instructions for how to prepare them. Keep our Quick Start Guide to Recycling pdf handy. Download the Recycling FAQs and the Re-Use Donations FAQs pdf if you have further questions, or just ask one of our amazing staff members for help.

CARTM collected over 809 TONS of recyclable materials in 2011. That’s an increase of 15% over 2010! Download our 2011 Annual Report for details.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is CARTM?

CARTM Recycling is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation operating a solid waste transfer station, 
recycling center and a Re-Use Store near Manzanita, Oregon.

Who owns CARTM?

As a non-profit organization, it really belongs to the community it serves. Tillamook County owns the land and buildings; CARTM Recycling owns the equipment, supplies and inventory.

Who runs CARTM?

CARTM is governed by a board of directors, managed by an executive director, and operated 
by staff and volunteers.

Who pays for CARTM?

Revenues come from fees, sales, grants and donations from our community. We receive no tax money. See Funding for details.

When did CARTM start?

CARTM developed in the early 90’s as a grassroots community organization, received 501c3 status in 1997, and was awarded the franchise to operate the transfer station in 1999. See CARTM History if you’d like to know more.

When is CARTM open?

CARTM is open 10 AM to 4 PM 
Thursday through Monday from Memorial Day to Labor Day; and
 Thursday through Sunday from Labor Day to Memorial Day. We’re always closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See Location & Hours for driving directions.

What does CARTM charge for Trash?

The Manzanita Transfer Station, operated by CARTM, charges $8/can $36/cubic yard for solid waste. Other charges vary depending of type of material. Please see the Materials We Take section of our website for current details.

Who decides what CARTM charges?

Charges for solid waste and recycling are set by the Tillamook County Commission.

Does CARTM accept credit cards?

Sorry, cash and checks only for on-site services and the Re-Use Store. There is an ATM at the junction of 101 and Necarney City Road. We do, however accept online donations by credit card! Please consider offsetting our costs to provide the finest recycling service in Oregon by making a donation today!

How do I volunteer to help CARTM?

Check out the Volunteers section of the site then call us at 503-368-7764; or 
drop by and fill out an application form, or 
email Jan at jkh@cartm.org

I am cleaning out my mom’s house. Can I bring it all to you?

  • Yes! There are three choices: best — donate reusable items; next — recycle; and last — trash
  • We take clean reusuable donations and sell them in The Refindery resale store to help fund CARTM’s work
  • We can’t take anything considered Household Hazardous Waste (pesticides, herbicides, fluorescent tubes, and liquids) clothing, or anything smelly, stained, damaged
  • Acceptance fees may apply for some items
  • If we can’t accept as donation, we may be able to recycle it! As last resort it’s trash at trash rate.
  • Bottom line: we have to see it! Our donation attendant will help you figure it out!

Do you accept shredded paper for recycling?

Yes, we do, but it must be contained in paper bags — not in plastic bags.

Do you take Styrofoam? Where can I recycle it? What is the charge for it? 

Unfortunately for now, styrofoam is trash — even the food trays that have the #6 recycling symbol on it. We are working on a way to recycle it. There are a couple places in Portland you can take Styrofoam. Try Far West Fibers or Total Reclaim.

Do you take paint? 

At this point we are unable to accept paint for recycling. Paint cans, if they are completely dry, may be recycled with mixed metals.

Where can I take paint? 

The permanent Household Hazardous Waste facility in Tillamook accepts paint and other household hazardous waste on the first Saturday of every month.

Does CARTM take Household Hazardous Waste? Where can I take those things? When?

CARTM does not accept household hazardous waste, such as pesticides, household cleaning products, chemicals, paint, bio waste, sharps, ammunition, fire arms, explosives, asbestos, etc. These materials are accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste facility in Tillamook on the first Saturday of every month

Does CARTM take windows? Doors?

Yes! Reusable windows and doors may be accepted at the donations building. Please see attendant. If the door or window is not accepted for resale, it may be recyclable.  If not, it will be accepted at the trash rate.

What about construction debris? Insulation? Sheetrock? Asphalt shingles? Composition roofing? At this time construction and demolition debris are accepted at the trash rate.

Does CARTM pick up donations? Recycling?

At this time, CARTM does not offer a pick-up service for either donations or recycling. Check our bulletin board for community members offering services.

What are acceptance fees? What are they for?

Acceptance fees reflect our additional costs to process or recycle some difficult items such as tires, empty propane tanks, appliances with refrigerants, and large photocopiers.

How to prepare recycling:

  • Separate by category; please read signs above bins carefully! See Materials We Take for  descriptions and photos of the kind of things we recycle. Keep our Quick Start Guide to Recycling pdf handy.
  • It’s not necessary to remove labels from cans and bottles, but please rinse at least once to remove any food or other residue
  • Shredded paper should be contained in paper bags such as dog food bags, seed bags, etc. We have some in in a barrel next to the mixed paper bin for that purpose. Please put your brown paper bags in the baler hopper with the cardboard just inside the door of the resale store.
  • Remove caps from bottles and cans and recycle in containers hanging on bins

How can I tell if you will or won’t take items for The Refindery resale store?

  • We cannot accept clothing, liquids, personal care products that are open, food, household products that have been opened, hazardous waste, firearms, ammo, explosives, solvents, or chemicals
  • We cannot accept anything that is broken, missing parts, stained, dirty, moldy, or smells of urine or smoke
  • Occasionally, we deem an item not salable because we already have too many, and no space to store it. Call ahead if you are concerned about large items!
  • If we deem items salable, we take them in at no charge.
  • Items that are neither salable or recyclable, come in at the trash rate which is $36 per cubic yard.

Do I have to put a tarp over my pick up load of trash?

Yes! Cover your load — it’s the law. Uncovered loads may be fined up to $421!

Still have questions?

If this list did not answer your questions, please come visit us at CARTM — or give us a call at 503-368-7764! We will be happy to help!