First Ever “CARTM TREASURES” Live Auction

Hundreds of locals and visitors attended our first “CARTM Treasures Live Auction” on July 28, 2012.  The gym at NCRD was packed to the gills with over 250 lots of the best of the best from CARTM’s donations.   Belinda Spegel spent months selecting the items and putting the imaginative lots together for collectors, dealers and treasure hunters.

Pro auctioneer Paul Thompson pounded the gavel at 12:30 and kept a steady entertaining pace until the 250th lot was sold at 4:30.

Our thanks to event partner Food Roots who provided delicious, locally-sourced food for event attendees.

Thanks go out to over 40 volunteers who helped make CARTM’s first live auction a big hit!

CARTM Treasurea Live Auction

Guest auctioneer Paul Thompson does the “chant” to stimulate the bidding for over 250 lots of CARTM treasures. Julianne Johnson records the sales while Rebecca Spaniel helps to show each item to the audience while it is auctioned. Photo by Lorraine Ortiz

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