Furthering the Work of CARTM

CARTM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported by the community we serve and those inspired by our mission. Every year CARTM must raise (75%) of its operating budget through donations of recyclable materials, reusable items to sell in The Refindery reuse store, individual donations and fundraising events.

We are a registered partner with the Oregon Cultural Trust and rely on generous cash donations from our community for administrative expenses, outreach and education, and mission-fulfilling program implementation. Thank you. We depend on you, and you always come through!

We accept:

  • Cash donations at the cashier station in The Refindery reuse store
  • Checks payable to CARTM at PO Box 122, Manzanita, OR 97130
  • Credit cards via Paypal — it’s easy, just press the DONATE TODAY button on this page.
  •  Stocks and bonds — please contact Karen for details (
  • Clean recyclable materials sorted into our bins
  • Clean, reusable items for The Refindery reuse store in our Donations building across from the store

CARTM does not receive funding from tax dollars. We earn about 25% of our annual budget through contracts to operate the Manzanita Transfer Station for Tillamook County.

Two easy New Ways you can help:

#1  Time to recycle your car? 
Donate it to CARTM—our new program makes it easy!   

We know our CARTM users like to drive their cars for 300,000+ miles, but there may come a time when changing vehicles is the right thing to do for many reasons.  Our new Car Donation program will pick up your car (running or not), get it sold, handle any title transfers, give you a tax deduction and CARTM gets a percentage of the proceeds.  Click here for car donation FAQs, or if you like to watch movies, here’s the video version…

Center For Car Donations - How To Donate Your Car

#2  Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program   

Have you signed up yet?  It’s so easy! Fred Meyer Rewards Card holders can direct donations from Meyer Memorial Trust to CARTM while still earning the same individual rewards points. Simply link your Rewards card to CARTM’s #85659, and every time you use your card, you’re rewarding yourself AND your local community!  It costs you nothing but the time to click click here to sign up.  We know that most of your shopping is local, but on those occasions where a run to Freddies is right, you can direct dollars back to our community. Here’s more info… Thanks, Fred Meyer, and thank you!

Special support:

CARTM has received approximately $500,000 in grants since 1998. We appreciate the faith these organizations have placed in us. Grant support has come from the following:

  • The Ford Family Foundation
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Spirit Mountain Community Fund
  • Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • The Collins Foundation
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Northwest Oregon Economic Alliance
  • Nehalem Telecommunications
  • Tillamook PUD
  • Tillamook County Cultural Coalition
  • US Bank
  • Eugene Schmuck Foundation
  • Oregon Arts Commission

Donate your Time

CARTM also relies on generous gifts of time! There are lots of ways to volunteer at CARTM. Ever want to whack a vacuum cleaner with a sledge hammer? Wonder what’s inside a microwave? Not your cup of tea? How about sorting and pricing donated items, or bottles and cans? Cashiering or organizing an area in the store? Picking up Post Office recycling? We have jobs to please everyone! It’s easy. Just give us a call at 503-368-7764 to make an appointment — or drop by for a chat and we’ll find the perfect placement for you.