CARTM’s New Director…


Manzanita—There is a new diva at the dump.   On July 1, 2014, Manzanita resident Karen Reddick-Yurka began her new position as CARTM’s fourth Executive Director.   After an exhaustive national search which did not deliver a candidate, CARTM’s board of directors unanimously voted to offer the position to Karen and were delighted when she accepted.

“The Board is committed to taking a strong leadership role and believes CARTM is ready for the new challenges it will face as we move forward,” said Linda Kozlowski CARTM’s new board chair.  “We are all excited and very optimistic about Karen’s appointment and our next phase, and we couldn’t agree more with Manzanita mayor Garry Bullard when he says that sometimes the best choice for future leadership is right here at home.”

A life-long environmentalist, Karen served on the CARTM board for the last seven years and was the Chair of the board for the last four years.  Her tenure in this capacity has given Karen a deep understanding of the complexity of CARTM’s business model.   This along with her keen interest in reuse and zero waste, which she lives and breathes daily, has landed her squarely in the right place at the right time.

“It never occurred to me to consider taking the ED position, but when it was offered by the board it seemed like the right thing to do.  CARTM is at a point of stability and now is the time to look long-term for new opportunities to move the mission forward.”

“I am calling myself ‘evangelist in chief’ because of my enthusiasm for waste reduction. I already have a strong understanding of the finances so I can assist with the financial stability of the organization as well,” said Karen.  “Because of my upbringing, I’m wired to see the value in every little thing.   I feel the importance of reuse and recycling in my bones.  I look forward to finding ways to divert more and more from the landfille and seek new uses for discards.”

Upon receiving notice of Jan Hamilton’s retirement and in anticipation of hiring the next executive director, CARTM restructured its management team last fall by creating an operations team leader position.  Staff member Rolly Boggs was promoted to the new position.   The board’s strategy was to relieve the incoming executive director from daily operations tasks in order to spend more time in the community promoting waste reduction, forging new partnerships and maintaining strong relationships with the three cities and Tillamook county leadership.

Karen explained that her dream for CARTM is to continue to find new ways to innovate trash reduction.  She believes the time is right to incubate industries that reuse material locally.  One example of such an industry that CARTM currently provides material for is a Lincoln County company that turns asphalt roofing shingles into road patching material—a model of innovative environmental industry development. Tillamook County is ready to welcome other similar businesses and technologies.

CARTM is busy with entrepreneurial endeavors of its own.  “We’re currently underway with two really exciting new projects at CARTM, both begun under Jan Hamilton’s leadership. I’m happy to report that both going very well,” said Karen.  “Our new contractor services program is designed to give local builders better access to CARTM, making it easy and affordable to dispose of construction and demolition (C&D) debris, and to divert valuable materials from that debris for reuse and recycling.”

The C&D diversion program inspired the expansion of CARTM’s reuse facility with the creation of The Rebuilding Yard.  “The Yard” supplies used building materials of all kinds, garden and lawn equipment, bicycles and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. These items are well displayed and weather protected for year-round shopping, perfects for do-it-yourself home repair and remodeling.  The Yard has been getting great reviews and sales have been brisk in this new endeavor.

“We realized in the aftermath of the China’s “green fence” last year, when the markets for recycled materials disappeared almost overnight—and are still recovering—that staying proactive and nimble to opportunity is the name of the game,” said Karen.  “CARTM has a strong, dynamic board who is committed to the challenge of Leading Our Community To Zero Waste—they mean it, and I am ready to evangelize for it!”