The Refindery at CARTM is a treasure trove of re-use bargains and an inspiring environment to shop in.

The Refindery Reuse Store

Welcome To The Refindery—the most unique shopping experience on the Oregon Coast.

The Refindery is a creative re-use, artist-designed, resale store mecca. There are bargains and treasures to be had in every department — books, toys, furniture, kitchenware, building materials, linens, lighting, sporting goods and housewares.

The Refindery bookstore has mason jar lights.

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than browsing through used books?

Walking through The Refindery, check out the signage for each department (we love the rewire sign and the Home sign made from cutlery), the creative light fixtures (can a canoe really become a light?), department walls (can vinyl record album covers really become a wall divider?) furnishings (can a cast iron claw foot bathtub really become a couch?) and more. You just have to come and see for yourself. Each department sports unique signage, displays and lighting fixtures to give DIY ideas and ingredients for plenty of smile-producing surprises. Be sure to check out the “Dump Diva” department for fun, campy, unique items and see how many “divas” you can name on the umbrella which presides over the department.

Shopping is one reason to visit The Refindery — creative re-use inspiration is the other compelling motivation for a visit.

CARTM repairs and refurbishes electronics for sale at The Refindery.

CARTM repairs and refurbishes electronics for sale at The Refindery. You can even test used CDS, LPs, and DVDs at the listening station before buying them.

New items every day!

The best part is that The Refindery is stocked with new inventory daily. The clean, reusable donations from our community become the inventory and our customers are consistently amazed at what is on the shelves every time they come to shop.

Trash Art Gallery

The Refindery is also the home of the new Trash Art Gallery.  In 1996 CARTM birthed the Trash Art Show and now, 16 years later, has a dedicated year-round gallery to show and sell the work of local and regional artists who work with recycled materials to create one-of-a-kind 2D, 3D, jewelry, apparel and furniture. Be sure to look over the entry to the Trash Art Gallery to see the word REIMAGINE created by nine different local artists who were each given a letter to create (can used electric toothbrushes really become the letter “e”?)

The mosaic wall at The Refindery was created by Nehalem artist, Cathy Silver, and includes items from donors to the project. You can see into the Trash Art Gallery space.

The mosaic wall at The Refindery was created by Nehalem artist, Cathy Silver, and includes items from donors to the project. You can see into the Trash Art Gallery space.

Creative re-use is all about seeing possibility in what used to be discarded — like broken dishes. Be sure to check out the broken tile mosaic donor wall in the lobby of The Refindery. This wall features items contributed to the stunning piece of art by those individuals who helped to fund The Refindery. Nehalem artist Cathy Silver created the broken tile mosaic donor wall as well as the gateway sign for CARTM at the entrance of The Refindery. Note the metal sculpture perched atop the sign a metal sculpture created by Manzanita artist Mike Cook entitled “Engage The Scavenger.”

We invite you to connect with your inner scavenger and explore The Refindery — you’re gonna love what you find!

Help CARTM thrive! Bring us your donations.

We gratefully accept your clean, dry, re-usable donations of household items, hardware and rebuilding materials. Look for the “donations here” sign and bring your items to the attendant at the Donations building. Please bring your items to the Donations building, not The Refindery! Download our Re-Use Donations FAQs pdf for details.

Customers check out the new store at CARTM on the opening night of The Refindery.

Opening night donors and customers check out the housewares at The Refindery.

By following these few simple guidelines, your donations can help CARTM stay healthy and vibrant:

  • We appreciate you bringing your donated items early in the day. This helps us get them sorted, placed and displayed in a timely fashion.
  • Please call ahead if you have a truck load or lots of garage sale leftovers.
  • Remember to bring the hardware and power cords for all items. It is difficult to sell items that are incomplete.
  • No baby cribs, car seats and swings.
  • No soiled, stained or smelly items.
  • We are happy to accept all kinds of electronics at no charge, either for resale or recycling. Be ready to tell us about appliances and electronics — what functions work and do not work? Items deemed worthy of re-sale are carefully tested before being put out for sale. Remember that electronics are prohibited in the trash!
  • A reminder that CARTM does not accept clothing and recommends that you take your clean, re-usable clothing to the Hope Chest on Hwy 101 between Manzanita and Nehalem.