Re-thinking Waste

Almost everything created in this world can become something new many times before it is discarded forever.

CARTM Recycling promotes sustainable living and artistic expression through the creative re-use of materials. We collect our community’s ‘discards’ and sort it into reusable items, recyclable materials and finally, trash. We make the good stuff available to become new again — as art, as building materials or furniture and as raw materials for new packaging.


Over 809 Tons Recycled in 2011

Newspaper trailer at CARTM.

Newspaper trailer at CARTM.

CARTM collected over 809 tons of recyclable materials in 2011 — that’s a 15% increase over 2010!

CARTM shipped 290.3 tons of solid waste to the landfill in 2011—3% less than in 2010. North County citizens and visitors diverted 809.6 tons of material from the landfill in 2011 for recycling at CARTM—a 15% increase over 2010 (excluding wood and construction debris which CARTM subcontracted in 2010). Download the 2011 Annual Report for a complete breakdown of what we took in and what we spent last year.