And We’re Off! CARTM Receives First Car Donation

Deb, Carl, Karen,Keys

Carl and Deb Vandervoort hand over the keys to their Volvo which they are donating to CARTM’s car donation program. Executive Director Karen Reddick-Yurka couldn’t be happier.

It was a big day for CARTM when Deb and Carl Vandervoort, signed over the title and handed the keys to their beloved Volvo station wagon to Executive Director Karen Reddick-Yurka.  “We loved this vehicle for a very long time and it has been a big part of our lives,” said Deb Vandervoort, “but we just couldn’t keep up with the repairs so we decided it was time to donate it to CARTM.  It was so easy!”

Karen and loaded volvo

Karen says “donate your car to CARTM. It’s reuse in action!”

When Deb and Carl made the decision to donate their car, they simply called The Center for Car Donations who took care of all the logistics.  They sent a tow truck to Scovell’s parking lot, loaded the car, Deb & Carl signed the title over to CARM and handed over the keys.  The Vandervoorts get a tax write-off and CARTM gets cash for the car when it sells.  For more information about how to donate your car or truck, running or not, visit:  Center for Car Donations

You can also donate your motorcycle, boat, jetski or RV, but they must be in running condition.

Ready to clear out your garage, driveway or storage unit?  Donate your vehicle to CARTM—just like Deb & Carl Vandervoort, you’ll be glad you did!

Second Annual “CARTM TREASURES” Live Auction

Save The Date!

September 14, 2013
NCRD Gymnasium
36155 9th Street in Nehalem
Preview begins: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Auction begins:  6:00 pm
CARTM’s own Belinda Spegel has, once again, put together a list of auction lots to satisfy the most rabid auction-goer!  Something for everyone in these 200+ lots of great finds, treasures, antiques, collectibles and more.
Pro auctioneer Paul Thompson will be bringing his usual quick wit and high-action skills to the event.
Payment methods accepted:  Cash, Credit, Debit and local Checks
10% buyers premium will be added to all sales.
Food and beverages will be available for sale.
All proceeds from this fun Live Auction benefit CARTM’s operating expenses.
Don’t Miss It!

The Refindery

The Refindery at CARTM has a new entry!

CARTM’s Refindery re-inspires community to re-think and re-use

“When people ask me what The Refindery is like,” said Mark Beach, past chairman of the CARTM Board, “I’ll just have to tell them to go see it for themselves—words can not describe this colorful endeavor.”

The curious community shows up every wet, rainy, windy day to be the first through the new entrance of The Refindery. They are finding the bargains and treasures they come to CARTM for and stay much longer than they plan.

Ginger Salkowski of Re-evolution Gardens was one of the many people from the community at the grand opening in 2013. She arrived with dozens of her hearty one gallon tomato plant starts and donated them CARTM to sell at the opening.

“I brought my entire farming crew to the opening as a field trip,” said Salkowski. “The CARTM team did an amazing job—such a cool transformation!”

The positive comments about the displays, the lighting fixtures, the creativity and the details—the hundreds of details—could not be taken in with one sweep of the eye.

“We wanted to create a place where people could come and get inspired about creative re-use,” said Jan Hamilton, CARTM’s former executive director. “The comments I am overhearing from customers in the new store are exactly that—again and again. I think we have a hit on our hands.”

Hamilton could not say enough about the team effort of her staff and dozens of community volunteers who came together to build the vision that the design team of Barrentine Design put on paper.

“Building things from scrap and used materials is a whole different process than purchasing new hardware and dimensional lumber,” said Hamilton. “The people from our community who built The Refindery are flexible, creative, team players who saw the vision and made it real.”

“Our new entry sign is yet another example of creative re-use.” said Hamilton.

Along with the one-of-a-kind donor wall in the lobby of the new store, one of the features of The Refindery is a dedicated 240 square foot year-round Trash Art Gallery. About eleven local artists are represented regularly. 50% of the proceeds of work sold in the Trash Art Gallery are donated to CARTM.

CARTM and The Refindery are open Thursday – Monday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (summer hours) and Thursday to Sunday (winter hours). CARTM and The Refindery are located at 34995 Necarney City Road in Manzanita. CARTM offers a unique trio of services: recycling (over 40 items for free), transfer station (trash) and reuse store—The Refindery. CARTM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by donations from the community.


More details about The Refindery here.

First Ever “CARTM TREASURES” Live Auction

CARTM Treasurea Live Auction

Hundreds of locals and visitors attended our first “CARTM Treasures Live Auction” on July 28, 2012.  The gym at NCRD was packed to the gills with over 250 lots of the best of the best from CARTM’s donations.   Belinda Spegel spent months selecting the items and putting the imaginative lots together for collectors, dealers and treasure hunters.

Pro auctioneer Paul Thompson pounded the gavel at 12:30 and kept a steady entertaining pace until the 250th lot was sold at 4:30.

Our thanks to event partner Food Roots who provided delicious, locally-sourced food for event attendees.

Thanks go out to over 40 volunteers who helped make CARTM’s first live auction a big hit!

CARTM Treasurea Live Auction

Guest auctioneer Paul Thompson does the “chant” to stimulate the bidding for over 250 lots of CARTM treasures. Julianne Johnson records the sales while Rebecca Spaniel helps to show each item to the audience while it is auctioned. Photo by Lorraine Ortiz

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